Friday, 11 December 2009

Had a very busy couple of weeks, here's what I've been up to...

Well, we had a Pamper Evening and Christmas shopping event at the end of November, all in aid of the pre school my boys went to. I had a stand there selling some 'Christmassy' cupcakes, one of the the least popular flavours was a Stollen cupcake which had cherries, raisins, mixed peel and cardamom in it and had a marzipan centre.

What to do with those leftover cupcakes.... well, we decided to have the parents and in-laws over for Sunday dinner as a little celebration of my boys gaining their first award at school.  So for pudding I sliced the cupcakes all up, laid them in a dish, made a lovely creamy custard and poured over then baked and this is what we got...

It came out all lovely and golden and ended up like a kind of bread pudding, it was lovely served with a big dollop of creme fraiche...

Pokemon cupcakes

These cupcakes were for a birthday order. The only Pokemon I knew of was Pikachu (the yellow one), I'd never heard of any of the others... still don't know their names! He was quite specific in that there was to be 'NO' pink. I used blue cupcake liners and made blue frosting, thought it helped to show the little characters better.

EEK.... there's bugs on my cupcakes!!!!

I made these for one of my boys school friends. He was undecided between an alligator cupcake cake or these buggy ones... he eventually chose the bugs and said they had to be really yukky.

We went sledging at the Snozone in Milton Keynes, it was great fun, though very tyring trudging up the slope carrying 3 sledges and practically 'dragging' one of my boys up there while the other almost crawled his way up. Next time daddy will have to come to help.

Well, the kitchen is calling, I have cupcake pops to make for tomorrow... I'll get back on and post my christmassy pics as soon as i can.

ta ta for now!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Baby shower cupcakes

It's been a few days but what do you expect when I have 2 seemingly healthy four year olds to look after. I was 50/50 whether to send them to school or not on Friday but thought one more day off would probably be a better idea... save going back too early if they're not 100%!

Anyway, managed to do a couple of orders on Friday. Some pretty ones as a birthday gift which were chocolate cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting.

And some for a baby shower which turned out really well and were very well received

Went to my sugarcraft class today and we are doing the beautiful Christmas rose. I finished one flower (I'll post a pic later) and have got a bit of catching up to do with some mistletoe and chinese lanterns. I'll keep you posted with progress and pics.

Julie xx

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Duvet day with my 2 boys

Just a quick post.

Ok, we are all sick... My boys are off school today which means I don't get to do all the things I wanted to do. Was hoping to start some Christmas decs, maybe I could squeeze some in later while they're watching a DVD. Fortunately I only have one order this week for Friday so should be feeling much better by then.

I bought Delicious magazine yesterday for the cupcakes on the front! Mince pie cupcakes with brandy butter frosting, sounds yum!! Looks good but I think I'll stick with my original vanilla recipe base and add my boozy homemade mincemeat to it. For the frosting all you need to do is add a couple of tablespoons of brandy to some buttercream... easy peasy!! I'll give them a go and hopefully they will make an appearance at the Christmas markets and fairs I'm doing.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

aftermath of the Farmers Market

me looking very cold!

Well, it was a very successful morning. I sold all but 2 of my cupcakes (which I took home and me & my mum had with a cup of tea) and I made 136!!

The weather however, was not good and I am now suffering with an almighty cold! The morning started off with rain, it stopped for a while, long enough  for people to nip out and do their shopping, then the last hour the heaven's opened (as they say). The worst part was packing up and putting down the gazebo, the rain that had gathered on top drowned me (well, almost). I was starting with a cold on the morning anyway, one of my boys has just had one so it was inevitable... but standing in the cold and rain for 4 hours really didn't help!!

Oh well, I live to tell the tale :)

It's not going to stop me from doing the next one which is on Friday 11th December, apparently there will be carol singers from the local school, free mulled wine and mince pies and maybe even a visit from someone special... (wears red, white beard, likes chimneys!!!)

Anyway, off now to think about Christmas designs and flavours, got a few fetes and things coming up over the next few weeks.

And I think an early night is needed. I had planned one lastnight but ended up having a 3 hour bath (I think I fell asleep for most of it) and falling in to bed at 11.30.

See you soon xx

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Preparation for the farmers market

Tonight I plan on going to bed early (ish) as I've started to come down with this horrible cold that seems to be knocking everyone down.

First though I have to plan my menu for the Farmers Market on Friday. The thought of standing in the cold for four hours with a stuffy head is not filling me with very much joy!

Obviously, chocolate has to be included. I'm a firm believer of

cupcake + chocolate = bliss!

and it is my best seller!! Maybe as it is so cold here I should include some nice warming recipes like apple & cinnamon or pumpkin spice. I also have some friends who have specifically requested my lemon cupcakes. I make them with a really zesty home made lemon curd in the centre and add lemon zest to the frosting for that extra 'zing'!

Ok then, I think that's enough for now, I'll post again tomorrow and hopefully put some pics on too of my day in the kitchen.

If you're wondering, the market is in Towcester on Richmond Road, adjacent to Waitrose, maybe see you there?

Goodnight x

My first blog!!!

Well, I've thought about this a lot and finally gave in to posting little tid bits of info about me and what I'm up to. I may rant and you might think 'what a load of nonsense' but let's just see how it goes...

And I may just post some recipes along the way too... even the bad ones so you know never to make them!

Ok, here we go...