Saturday, 20 November 2010

Christmas is coming

35 days today!!

I've been busy the last couple of weeks with the start of Christmas shopping events, pamper evenings and Christmas fairs! I thought, with it still being November, that it was a bit too early to start selling my Christmas flavours so I chose to sell some of my best-sellers instead. Once we get to December then the seasonal flavours will come out! This years tasty treats will include;
  • Chocolate Yule
  • Cranberry and Orange
  • Mince pie with Brandy Butter frosting
  • Spicy Gingerbread
  • Eggnog spice with Bourbon frosting

    I'll have all of my usual flavours available to order but these will be on the menu throughout December.

    Got some more events coming up too;

    Pamper Evening at Wootton School
    Friday 26th November 7.30 - 10pm

    Christmas Fair at Upton Meadows Primary School
    Saturday 27 November 2-4pm

    Ladies Indulgence Evening at Old Northamptonians Rugby Club
    Wednesday 1st December 6.30 - 10pm

    Christmas Fair at Pattishall Primary School
    Friday 3rd December

    Christmas Fair at Harpole School
    Saturday 4th December 11-2pm

    Always love to meet new stall holders and craft sellers, and of course new cupcake fans!

Julie x

Monday, 15 November 2010

Did you know there's only 39 days until Christmas!!

I can't believe Christmas is so close!

Saying that, I am one of those annoying people who has already done half of my Christmas shopping... mostly books for friends and a few family members as we only buy £5 presents and I think a book is the best thing you can spend £5 on!!

Besides, I saw the Coca-Cola ad during an X Factor break so I can officially declare Christmas in our house now... though I won't be buying the tree until the 1st December!!

I'm disappointed as I won't get to go to the Good Food Show this year, I've got so much work on I just can't seem to find the time. I'm going to miss all those yummy goodies... I even ordered my Kelly Bronze from Springfields Farm who were there last year as they were doing a show special!! And they're only up the road from me too!! Maybe I can get my friend to order it on my behalf... what a fab idea!!

I have a very rare weekend off so plan to make something new! I just can't decide whether it will be whoopie pies, macaroons or some old fashioned sweeties, I quite like the idea of some coconut ice but I know I'll eat it all (yum!!). I'll have a look in my recipe books tonight and see which tickles my fancy the most...

I've been a busy bee since the Food and Drink Awards, lots of enquiries (especially for weddings) which is fantastic! Some pictures of what I've been up to...

 Royal Marines; Teacher's gift box 

  Cars; Michael Jackson 

 Ferrari; Ben 10

Marvel Super Hero Squad; Chelsea Football Club

 Toy Story 3

 Christening cake for Lily; Sewing/Knitting theme  

 Treasure Chest cake for Skye; Dinosaurs for Harry 

Twins Rosie and Ted's first birthday cakes 

Thomas the Tank Engine; Divorce cupcakes

Some girlie little numbers....

I've also bought a food grade printer so now I can print all my own toppers... a great idea for putting photographs or company logos on top of cakes or cupcakes! Here's some examples of what you can do...

Twilight theme; Welsh flag with personalised message

Corporate Logo topper; Football badge topper

In the run up to Christmas I have quite a few shopping events and pamper evenings booked, have a look at my website for details (

I'm also working on quite a few new projects for 2011, keep watching this space and Facebook for updates... not giving away anything just yet!!

Take care and happy Christmas shopping!

Julie xx

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Northamptonshire Food and Drink Awards 2010/11... and the winner is

What can I say.... an amazing evening!

Yes, that's me with Sophie Grigson and Jason Atherton!!

It started back in June when I entered my Chocolate Surprise Cupcake and my Raspberry Cupcake into the Northamptonshire Food and Drink Awards. Judging took place in August and the Chocolate one was shortlisted. Final judging was at the Holdenby Food Show on August Bank Holiday weekend. I made over 100 mini chocolate cupcakes for the public to try, they then had to vote (out of 10 I think) for their favourite. Among the judging panel were celebrity chef and best selling cookery author Sophie Grigson and Adam Gray, Michelin starred Executive Chef at Rhodes TwentyFour in London.

On to the Awards dinner which was held on Wednesday 6th October. None of the winners/runners up knew how they had done, it had been kept a massive secret with only a select few knowing the result!

When they read out the shortlist my stomach was doing somersaults... first they announced the runner-up as Brixworth Pate. At this point I thought there was no way I could beat that, the pate has been known in Northamptonshire for years!

Then Sophie opened the next envelope... at this point she stopped to say when her and Adam had seen this they had both thought 'oh no, not these, they're everywhere' but then went on to say how impressed she had been with it.

And the winner is....

"Chocolate Surprise Cupcake by Angelina Cupcake"
(that's me... aaagghhhh!!!)

On the way over I'd been practising a speech (just in case) but I'm so glad I never had to say anything... it took all my effort just to get the words 'thank you' out!

The rest of the evening was a bit blurry. And no, not because I had drank too much of the lovely Champs D'Amour, I think I had two glasses but could have easily managed more. A stunning meal was served, cooked by Adam Gray himself. We had a starter of baked beetroot with Northamptonshire red wine dressing, followed by Northamptonshire venison loin with wild mushroom and truffle pie and creamed pumpkin, dessert was apple mousse with Northamptonshire cider-glazed apples and spiced raisins, finished off with (my new fave) Andronicas coffee and lovely local chocolates.

It really was a fantastic, memorable evening!

So thank you, thank you, thank you if you voted for me and big thanks to the team at Rachel Mallows for their support.

Julie x


Friday, 17 September 2010

WARNING to all cake bakers!!

I have just recently had an enquiry from someone claiming to be ordering cupcakes for daughters upcoming wedding, and when I say upcoming I'm talking 2 weeks!!  Suspicious already that someone could leave it so late but not knowing the circumstances I emailed with information about my services and what I could offer.

To save me interpreting their email in a biased view I will quote word for word (in red) the replies...

"choice of coloured paper,square tiered stand,...I am in need of 170 pieces of the  £2 per cupcake.Do get back to me with details of payment"

I replied asking location of wedding so I can quote delivery price and what decorations they would like on their cupcakes

"Thanks.What is the total price?i have a cake collector who will come for the pickup"

At this point my spidey senses were tingling... i asked for a contact phone number so we could talk in more detail

"Give me the total price of my order...I want you to get back to me in time"

Rude!  I asked again if any particular decorations were required as this affects price

"I think you are in the best position to give your best...I just want you to give me the best cake...Send me your price and you payment details"

hmmm.... still not happy! I stopped giving options and sent a picture of what they would get for their money. Sent total amount and asked for payments to be made to my Paypal account.

"Thanks for the reply.I am comfortable with the type of cake you want to do for me.Kindly send me your payment details,so i can send you the full payment.I have a cake collector who will come for the pickup."

I sent a Paypal invoice and advised via email that I had done so.

Nothing for 8 days so I sent another email saying I presumed they had found another cake supplier, thanks for considering me... blah, blah!!  The next reply came at 23.09 that day

"Kindly reconfirm your Name,address and phone number,so that the payment can be send across to you"

Again, I sent Paypal invoice and advised that if payment wasn't received by midday I would not complete the order.  Guess what?? Nothing came!!

Latest reply this morning;

"The wedding have been shifted to 9th october,2010.You haven't provided your payment details,how to do expect me to send you payment?"

After this last email I thought NO WAY!! I have now replied saying I can't do that date, sorry I can't help you.

I had a bad feeling about this enquiry from the off and I think I was proved right.

After mentioning it on Twitter @DevourBakery in Colorado mentioned they have had it happen to them to so this appears not to be just a UK scam.

I'm pretty sure none of you would freely give your bank details over the internet but I just wanted to advise you to be aware if an enquiry like this comes through.  Would hate to see anyone financially affected by it.

Take care

Julie xx

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

June.... hello (and goodbye again) summer!!!

Well, I started to write a new blog last month when we were having some amazing weather... I think at the weekend temperatures reached about 32, and I had to bake 100's of cupcakes, not much fun in a scorching kitchen!

this is what I started writing;

First, let me say a bit about the weather in the typical British way that we always do....

phew, what a scorcher!!!

Unfortunately now our weather has taken a turn for the worse with temperatures plumetting to just 16/17 in the day... makes for a happier baking environment though!!

so now I write;

rain, rain, go away, come again another day
We're so hard to please us British!!!

Northamptonshire Country Fair

Anyway, back to cupcakes.... I have had a super busy time these last couple of weeks.  I had a lovely day at Northamptonshire Country Fair, used to be known as Castle Ashby Country Fair but they decided that a name change was long overdue as they hadn't had the fair at Castle Ashby for 9 years now! I must say a massive THANK YOU to my mum who helped me out on the day, and for scouring the stands for the best coffee!!

Pamper Evenings

I have also done three pamper evenings recently. If you're not familiar with pamper evenings, the primary purpose is to raise funds but by having a nice time while you do. You bring together a range of therapists, be it beauty/alternative/holistic and offer mini treatments at a reduced price. Then while people are waiting for their treatment you have stands available selling bits and bobs like jewellery, cards, books, make-up, candles, cosmetics, cupcakes (that's me!) etc. then they can do a bit of shopping at the same time. It's a really nice evening and I always try and make some time for a little pampering myself.

Plus many, many more...

One theme I seem to be doing an awful lot of at the moment is the baby shower. It's a fairly recent idea here in the UK and seems to have really caught on. I do boxes of cupcakes in pink, blue or 'not sure' and put lots of lovely handmade decorations on such as baby booties, bibs, bottles, toys, teddy bears and rubber ducks!

Caravan and Leisure Park themed cake and cupcakes

A most unusual request, don't you think??
These were for a leaving gift for Mark who had been with the company for 20 years. I wanted to attempt a cake shaped like a caravan, complete with decking area and garden!

Looks like a caravan???  My other half said it looked like a 'bungalow'... grrrr!!!

The cupcakes were fun, themed on fishing, golf, tennis, camping and canoeing. The red and white toadstool looking thing is actually the water feature in the kids pool... honest!!

Fiona's 21st birthday cupcakes

I loved the finished look of these. The colours were Purple and Gold and after initially not being sure on whether to go quirky or pretty, Fiona decided on some pretty, funky flowers in purple and lilac with gold cases and tiny edible gold stars.

Disney Car's cupcakes..... ker-chow!

My two five year olds loved these and kept asking if they could have one.... just one mummy???


I've taken quite a few orders for weddings just recently.  I love doing them, seeing the cupcakes displayed on a tower or stand, it's just a shame I'm never around to see the bride and groom's reaction to them. Expect to see some more pics coming next month!

If you're planning your wedding but haven't picked your cake yet, have a look at my website ( for more information, or give me a call and we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

Thank you
Julie x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

April & May at Angelina Cupcake!

A friend had her sister visiting and after telling her all about my cupcakes she was desperate to try them... one problem, she couldn't have dairy!! Well, that wasn't a problem for me luckily so I came up with these lovely vanilla and rasperry cupcakes. I usually only use the best English butter in my recipes but for these I made an exception...

The frosting was surprisingly good... for dairy free!

Some pretty blue & white flower cupcakes, feminine but not too girlie!

A selection of cupcakes for a 21st birthday... flavours were cookies n' cream; chocolate peanut butter (my personal fave) chocolate (with pink roses and blossoms); Strawberry and vanilla; Pina Colada.  The birthday girl loved them all, and so did her hard to please friends and flatmates!

These were a 'tongue-in-cheek' gift for a gentleman with a perma-tan, who always wore shades and had white teeth!!

Don't you just love the power of the internet!!??  Not long after I launched my website last year, I had contact all the way from Australia asking me to deliver cupcakes to a local birthday girl. I remember thinking how fab it was that someone had got in touch from the other side of the world...

These weren't quite that far... a gentleman from London asked me to deliver these to a friend of his to wish her 'Luck'

Some birthday cupcakes for a lucky young girl

Who can resist?? Chocolate Ferrero Rocher cupcakes.... yum!

They're chocolate cupcakes with a whole Ferrero Rocher stuffed inside, topped with chocolate nutella frosting and a chunk of Ferrero Rocher on the top... I wish I'd bought a bigger box of chocs so I could have eaten the spares!!

I've been working on some new product lines and will post details soon....

Wedding cupcakes in a lovely location


Sorry it's been a while, I've had illnesses to deal with and my 2 little boys have been poorly and off school for a whole week!!!  It's pretty hard to entertain to energetic 5 year olds when they're healthy but when they don't feel well and all they want to do is 'cuddle'... sounds nice, but by the end of the week I just had to get out of this 4 walled prison I'd been in... even if it was just to Tesco to do some shopping!!!

I love my boys to bits and couldn't imagine my life without them... equally I'm so glad they're well and back to school again!

Wedding cupcakes

I was so pleased with the way my wedding cupcakes looked when they were finally set up on location. It was a lovely hotel near Stamford and the room looked very elegant all in black & white..

The bride was so pleased with her cupcakes!