Monday, 8 October 2012

**NEWS** Cupcake delivery is now here!!

Hi folks

So pleased to announce that I am now offering delivery of my yummy cupcakes to mainland UK.

After a few fraught months of packaging trials and failed deliveries, I finally found a solution to posting frosted cupcakes, and for them arriving in one piece!!


Safe and secure in their postal pods

Wrapped up with twine to make it easier to remove from the box, looks pretty too!

Packaged and ready to go


Arrived the very next day in perfect condition.

Details of flavours available and delivery prices can be found on my website here.

Thanks to thecriticalcouple for being guinea pigs for me and agreeing to receive free cupcakes!!

Happy baking

Julie xx

Fairtrade ndali vanilla gift swap at Fortnum and Mason

It's been a couple of weeks now since my trip down to Fortnum and Mason for the vanilla gift swap organised by Vanessa Kimbell, I thought I'd better share with you some photos and tales from the day.

I had arranged to meet and travel down with the lovely Rosie of Freycob. My first encounter of her was this crazy woman carrying a huge blue polystyrene box (I have photographic evidence to prove it) hollering my name over the barrier..... Who? Me? 

Oh how that big blue box brought us some giggles on the underground...!?! 

If it wasn't enough that we would each be returning home with somebody else's vanilla gift, the lovely people at Fortnum's had prepared a few nibbles for us.....

On to the tables filled with cookies, cakes, cupcakes, jams and preserves, sweets and toffees...

Cakes that I would have been happy to judge.... where's my fork??

Beautifully wrapped biscuits and cookies 

Now I have the urge to make my very own Scottish Tablet... didn't get to taste but the smell was amazing!

A few words from Vanessa and a photo opp for the judges, Lucas Hollweg, Chantal Coady of Rococo, the Fairtrade Foundation and the ladies from Fortnum's.

The lovely Urvashi got to take home my Vanilla cupcakes while I received a box of home made fig rolls.... yummy! Well, at least I think they were. Before I had a chance to photograph or even taste them the scavengers in my house had devoured the lot!

As if we weren't quite satisfied with the quantities of sugar we had consumed, Rosie and I first stopped off at Fortnum's truffle counters (I forgot to take pics, sorry! Too intent on eating them) before a dash over the road to the gorgeously gold and glistening LadurĂ©e!

How can anyone not be drawn into this shop?

(from L to R: Pistachio, Salted Caramel (my personal fave), Rose, Liquorice, Sour Apple, Coffee, Vanilla and Violet)

My little treat that I kept all to myself!!

Thanks again to Vanessa, Ndali Vanilla, the Fairtrade Foundation, Kenwood and Fortnum & Mason for organizing and hosting the event.

Oh, and to the crazy lady with the big blue box.......... 

Happy baking

Julie xx