Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Chuffed to bits - my little ol' blog makes Woman and Home Magazine's top 100

To say I was a little excited when I found out is probably an understatement!!

My little 'ol blog here makes the list of 100 Best Food Blogs according to Woman and Home magazine. It's quite overwhelming as I sit along side some amazing food bloggers that I have followed for some time and been fortunate to meet, also some less familiar to me which I shall now be checking out.

I don't blog as much as I'd like to but I do love sharing my work and ideas with others, which is why I have decided to share my knowledge by running small cupcake workshops beginning in January 2013. I'm still putting together dates for the diary but will be posting details here, on Facebook and Twitter.

If you're interested in attending a class, please email your initial interest to mail@angelinacupcake.com and I will add you to my list.

Thanks and happy baking

Julie xx

Friday, 9 November 2012

Kenwood KMix event at Waitrose Cookery School

A little late writing up about this event as I was busy sunning myself in glorious Spain... well, I'm (reluctantly) back into the work/life routine so thought it was time to share this fab afternoon.

Date: Tuesday 23rd October  (A.K.A. My birthday)

What better way to spend your birthday than making beautiful Macarons under the expert tuition of the chef's at Waitrose Cookery School. The event was to promote the new gorgeous range from Kenwood, the Kmix Boutique which is available in an array of brilliant colours;

So, on to the Macarons... we used the Italian meringue method which was so much quicker than the French, no waiting for the shells to dry out, just pipe onto the tray and into the oven they go.

Once baked and after a little while cooling we sandwiched them together with a selection of different flavour buttercream fillings, including pistachio, liquorice, apricot, lemon, strawberry and blackcurrant.

 On the green (Pistachio) team were me, Rosie, Carmela and Vanessa, these were the finished beauties!

The beautifully coloured delicious macaron's we were able to take home.

After all our hard work (not that it seemed like work it was so much fun!!) we were treated to a selection of nibbles and cocktails from the Waitrose team... 
Pea soup: Goats cheese on beetroot: Thai smoked salmon

HUGE thanks go to the team at Waitrose Cookery School, Clarion Communications for organising the event and obviously to Kenwood for generously offering us an item from their new Boutique range.

Oops!! Guess who's been eating the liquorice macaron's??

Happy baking as ever

Julie xx